Our LP portal is a centralized platform that allows LPs to aggregate and visualize their commitments into your investment vehicles in an easy-to-use and interactive manner.

Key Features

  1. Dashboard: A central place for LPs to see high-level information on commitments, amount funded, amount remaining, distributions and NAV, along with their most recently posted documents.
  2. Investor Reporting: LPs can preview, print or download their quarterly and/or financial reporting package right from their browser.
  3. Capital Account Statements: LPs can view their most up-to-date capital accounts balances right on the screen.
  4. Capital Calls: LPs will have access to a running list of historical capital calls, along with details about their most recent capital call.
  5. Distributions: LPs will have access to a running list of historical distributions, along with details about their most recent distribution.
  6. Tax Documents: LPs will be able to access and download their K-1s (or K-1 equivalent).
  7. Legal Documents & Investor Communication: LPs can access fund legal documents or fund-related documents such as portfolio updates or newsletters.
  8. Team Members & Investors: LPs can view members of their team and their contact role types across logins.
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