Molly Yakubian

Managing Partner & CEO

Molly Yakubian, based in Boston, is a seasoned professional in the alternative investment industry, serving as the CEO of Vector, a leading fund administration company. Her journey has been marked by diverse experiences, including advisory roles guiding fund managers on regulatory compliance and pivotal business development positions where she collaborated with managers to address multifaceted challenges spanning compliance, technology, performance, ESG, cybersecurity, risk, and back-office outsourcing.

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts and pursuing CAIA Level II certification, Molly brings a robust academic foundation to her strategic leadership at Vector. Her career trajectory reflects a unique blend of in-house experience at a private equity firm and extensive consultancy across various industry segments. This background has nurtured her passion for problem-solving, a steadfast commitment to enablement, and a drive to foster synergies between fund managers and service providers.

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