Introducing Our Newest Integration with The Coterie

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June 5, 2024

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Molly Yakubian

We are thrilled to introduce our newest integration with The Coterie, a revolutionary platform designed to redefine investor reporting and streamline capital calls for your LPs. This integration brings an array of robust functionalities that will significantly enhance the investment experience for both LPs and GPs.

New Valence Apps

In line with our commitment to innovation, we are excited to announce that this integration is the first product launching under our new "Valence Apps" concept. Valence Apps will be a suite of integrations or add-on features available to our GPs and LPs, designed to enhance their experience across the fund lifecycle in areas that the Vector services team typically does not handle.

The Coterie Partnership

The Coterie's product seamlessly aggregates data across an investor's alternatives portfolio, empowering LPs to effortlessly pay capital calls, analyze performance, access a secure digital locker for critical investment documents, and strategize for future investments—all within a centralized platform.

Specialized Offer for Vector-Managed Funds

As part of our partnership launch, we are offering investors complimentary access to Vector-managed funds when they opt in through our portal. This special offer is available for a limited time. Additionally, LPs can add other fund investments not managed by Vector via the Coterie platform for a holistic view of their alternatives portfolio (may be subject to additional fees).

Comprehensive Insights for LPs

LPs can leverage The Coterie platform to gain comprehensive insights into their aggregate alternatives portfolio. This comprehensive solution enables LPs to efficiently manage their investments across their portfolio of alternative investment funds and gain valuable insights into their overall portfolio performance, down to deal-level exposure information across alternative assets.

Accessing the Integration

While we work on incorporating the opt-in process exclusively within Valence, we invite Vector clients to take the following steps to make this integration available to the LPs in your fund(s):

  1. Email indicating which fund or funds you wish to enable.
  2. Once we receive your request, we will promptly enable the integration for your fund within Valence. Once enabled, your LPs will receive an email informing them of this available functionality, along with an overview and instructions for opting in to this benefit.
  3. Enabling this integration will not provide The Coterie with any confidential details but will allow LPs to seamlessly activate the integration via their investor portal in the My Profile section.

Data Privacy and Consent

If an LP opts into the integration, they will be prompted to consent  to the transfer of certain  data ("Transferred Information") by Vector on the investors' behalf to The Coterie. Transferred Information may include; contact information, investment commitment details, capital call notifications, capital account records, schedule of investment data, distribution updates, and tax documentation. Read The Coterie security overview here.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We have deliberately designed this process to prioritize our strong commitment to our valued GPs, recognizing the sensitivity around sharing information with or regarding LPs. Our philosophy is rooted in prioritizing people and relationships at Vector. We believe in providing exceptional fund administration services powered by technology, not replacing our dedicated team members. Valence is designed to complement and empower our team, enabling us to deliver better client services and fostering a more inspiring workplace for our staff. While maintaining our core service excellence as our top priority, we also recognize the value of incorporating related functionalities that our clients need from external providers. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate these features without compromising the quality of our service, ensuring that our clients continue to receive the exceptional service they expect from Vector.

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