Press Release: Vector Introduces Valence

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December 13, 2022

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Molly Yakubian

Alternative Asset Industry Veterans Launch Proprietary, Cloud-Based Platform to Solve Long-Standing Fund Administration Challenges

San Francisco, Calif. – Vector, a modern fund administration services provider to closed-end alternative investment firms, today announced the launch of Valence, a proprietary, cloud-based platform designed to shift the way teams work and improve historical fund accounting processes.

As the alternative asset industry continues to grow and there is an increasing demand for real-time data, fund managers are plagued by inefficient and outdated tools for tracking financial performance metrics, assessing portfolio risk, and delivering timely communications.

“Asset managers require a data-driven and technology-enabled solution to maintain a focus on their top priority: generating lasting returns for investors. We believe software made to replace accountants is flawed, so we set out to develop software that enhances the service-first model,” said Wheeler.

Through Valence, clients receive unparalleled access to data that enables top-tier decision making. The platform is designed specifically for private funds by those who have deep industry expertise and understand the complexities of these funds at the most granular level.

Valence’s key features include:

  • Investor Communications – An easy-to-navigate and intuitive investor portal that gives investors access to their documents and relevant information 24/7.
  • Portfolio Monitoring – Powerful tracking and reporting that allows clients to pivot data on industry standard and custom or proprietary attributes to provide unmatched attribute-level analyses, including performance metrics such as IRR and multiples.
  • Financial Reporting – A custom-designed, purpose-built and integrated general ledger, which generates meaningful reports with a few clicks.

“We designed Valence to eliminate burdensome, manual, Excel-based processes and reduce burnout and incidents of human error,” said Molly Yakubian, Vector’s chief operating officer. “Valence provides a single-source of truth and is intended to reduce friction between stakeholders and allow for nimble, yet complex reporting that has been difficult to accomplish using existing applications.”


Vector is a different kind of fund administrator. Vector is committed to building the next generation of fund administration. We provide closed-end alternative investment firms with industry-leading technology, top-tier talent, innovative workflows, and a comprehensive suite of integrated fund services.

Our offerings include: fund accounting and reporting; capital calls and distributions; fund operational support; investor reporting and access to an LP portal; fund launch support; tax and audit process management; general partner support and anti-money laundering screening.

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