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August 14, 2023

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Emma Summers

Vector Hires COO – A Note from Vector’s Leadership

Vector Hires COO

We are so excited to bring Kristina Dayback on board to the Vector AIS team! When I met Kristina earlier this year, I knew almost immediately she was the right person to bring on board to lead our engagement team and help us to strengthen our operational functions as we continue to grow and support our clients. Kristina and I are aligned in the vision for Vector to reinforce ourselves as a fund administration provider for our clients, utilizing our technology to bolster our people-first service, not replace it. Her institutional knowledge and determination to build a better fund admin is a massive gain for the Vector team and our clients! (Also pretty awesome to be one of the only fully female-led admins in the market)! As COO, Kristina will focus on streamlining administrative processes to ensure the seamless delivery of timely, accurate, and personable client services. We are more motivated than ever to continue to cultivate a culture of continuous learning, mentorship, and professional development, and build a team of skilled experts capable of handling the complexities of closed-end fund administration.

- Molly Yakubian, CEO & Managing Partner

Live AMA with Kristina Dayback

Our CEO & Managing Partner, Molly Yakubian, is hosting a live AMA with Kristina Dayback for our clients and partners for an opportunity to learn more about Kristina’s background, motivations for joining Vector, advice for emerging and established managers, and priorities for the remainder of the year.

Tune in this Wednesday, on August 16th


Valence Update

New GP & LP Portal Dashboards

We are excited to announce the release of Version 1.6 of Valence, which includes a new GP Portal as well as enhanced visuals and dashboard data for your investors.

Read about the new features below

Brand New GP Portal

A dedicated login for Vector’s clients to access key fund data in a new seamless dashboard experience

What’s new?

  • Empowering Dashboard: A dynamic new dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of crucial fund metrics spanning single or multiple entities for Vector’s clients.
  • Visual Insights at Your Fingertips: Instant access to vital data: From Commitments and % Funded to Amount Funded, DPI, NAV, and IRR.
  • Tailor Your View: Customize your data showcase by selecting and manipulating entities—reveal insights for a specific fund or multiple funds at once.
  • Investor Visibility: Gain deeper insights by viewing investor commitments alongside key fund metrics within each fund.
  • Entity Exploration: Delve into entity details managed by the Vector team: Uncover Names, Vintage, Commitments, Contributions, Funded, DPI, NAV, Net IRR, and Investor Count.
  • Historical Perspective: Manipulate the Snapshot Date to see fund statistics aligned with specific reporting periods.
  • Investor Intel: Explore investor-related details within each entity, including Names, Commitments, Commitment %, Funded Amounts, Funded Percentages, and NAV.

Enhanced Investor Portal

Revamped interface & visuals – Enhanced access to fund metrics for investors

What’s new?

  • Streamlined Investor Experience: Investor Contacts now wield the power to select investors and entities, offering a personalized journey. For contacts connected to multiple Vector clients and/or Entities, a single login grants access to all associated funds.
  • Commitments at a Glance: Investors receive an instant overview of commitments, featuring % funded and remaining across singular entities or multiple entities.
  • Seamless Key Metric Access: Dive into essential fund metrics such as NAV and Distributions.
  • Tailored Visual Control: Investor Contacts gain the ability to drive visuals through precise investor and entity selections. By selecting a Vector Client and then selecting or multi-selecting entities in which they are associated with, a new streamlined view of:
    • Capital Calls
      • Instant Capital Call Insight: Effortlessly access the latest capital call details, replacing the need for PDFs. Quick insights include Issue Date, % of Capital Committed, Cash Contribution, Due Date, and Wire Instructions
      • Historical Capital Call Access: Easily explore historical capital call data for individual or multiple entities, encompassing Entity, Investor Name, Due Date, Amount Called, and % Called.
    • Capital Account Statements:
      • Snapshot of Financial Position: Investors can now instantly grasp their Capital Account Balance in relation to the latest reporting period.
    • Distributions:
      • Clear Distribution Overview: Dive into the Distribution table showcasing Entity, Investor, Distribution Date, and Amount Distributed.
      • Latest Distribution Snapshot: Gain insights into the most recent distribution postings, including Total Cash Distribution Amount, Date, Investors’ Share, and Description of Distribution.
        Personalized User Experience: Investors can toggle between Light Mode and Dark Mode for a customized experience that persists across subsequent logins.

Read the Release Notes

Our First Offsite


In the middle of June, we had our first-ever in-person offsite in Golden, Colorado!

As a remote team, we were ecstatic to finally come together in real life. Spending time face-to-face has been a real testament and celebration to the relationships we’ve built through our remote workspace.

A sneak peak at our itinerary:


  • Tracksuit competition (can you guess the winner from the photos?)
  • Party bus
  • Denver Brewery Tour


  • Party boat with a slide at Horsetooth Reservoir
  • Rooftop dinner with live music


  • Breakfast burritos at Bonfire Burritos
  • Enjoying the last morning in Golden

Essential Fund Launch Webinar Series

We’ve been sitting down with five of the industry’s top providers to discuss best practices and key insights into to all things fund related.

Watch the latest webinar recap


8/23 with Ardan CPAs

9/6 with Frank Rimerman

New Services Capabilities

We are excited to announce the expansion of our management company service offerings and regulatory filing support!


  • Assistance with management company budgeting and forecasting
  • Maintenance of management company accounting records
  • Facilitation of accounts payable & receivable
  • Facilitation of bill payment and vendor maintenance
  • Payroll accounting
  • Coordination of tax return process with your third-party tax provider
  • 1099 Support
  • Expense tracking and allocation


  • Initial and annual ADV filings for exempt reporting advisers!

We Want Your Feedback!

THANK YOU for your support over the last two years and a half years. We are committed to creating value for the community, so would love to hear any and all feedback on the content of this newsletter, the needs of managers and investors or other stakeholders in the space, or our approach to modernizing fund administration!

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